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Community Investment by and for the people of Central Appalachia

Overview of a riverside Appalachian community and it's residential blocks.

The climate crisis could be an economic leverage point for Appalachia.

Investment is a powerful tool for creating equitable outcomes and systemic change.

Invest Appalachia works to change the relationship between communities and capital for a region that has experienced historic underinvestment. By blending different forms of capital to meet project needs, we help investment-worthy projects become investment-ready – unlocking opportunities for equitable prosperity in underserved communities.

True prosperity must be equitable, inclusive, and resilient.

Central Appalachia’s cultural, environmental, and human assets can be the foundation for sustainable economies that create broadly shared local wealth. Locally-rooted leaders, community organizations, and entrepreneurs are leading the way. Mission-oriented investors, Funders, and public agencies must work together to resource community priorities. We all have a role to play in a brighter future of lasting and inclusive economic opportunity … and partnership is the pathway to get there.

BIPOC business man in front of his business, arms crossed, proud.

Moving capital into communities, partnership-first.

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