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The measure of Invest Appalachia’s work goes well beyond impact investing. We also invest time and resources into regional, sector-based collaborations, educational resources, and critical field-building topics like climate research. We’re committed to growing the capacity, resources, and information ecosystem of Appalachia, which we see as necessary to guide investment and action towards sustainable and equitable economic prosperity.

Learn more about our collaborative publications, reports, and field-building initiatives below.

Climate Analysis

Our report, “Climate Resilience in Central Appalachia: Impacts and Opportunities,” offers a baseline analysis for improving economic resilience in the Central Appalachian region. The evidence-based report shows that Central Appalachian communities within Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, are well-positioned to receive climate-related in-migration in the coming decades. This analysis shows the scale of the climate challenge for our region, but also hope and opportunity for communities who have experienced generations of economic distress and outmigration.

Appalachian Ecosystem Journey

The Appalachian Ecosystem Journey micro-site shares the process of growing a community investment ecosystem in Central Appalachia. The story unfolds in three phases that summarize the long developmental arc of the region’s community investment system, identifying key actors, milestones, and innovations that helped drive progress.

Downtown Playbook

The Downtown Revitalization Playbook micro-site was created for changemakers who want to be a catalyst for downtown development – building thriving cultural and economically-abundant city centers. The Playbook helps stakeholders speak the same language of investment, identifies key factors that enable investments to be successful, and provides examples of real investments that are leading to downtown revitalization in Central Appalachia. The Playbook site also includes an assessment tool to assist anyone in determining their needs and readiness to start developing their downtowns.

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