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Invest Appalachia’s 2023 Impact Report: Transforming Our Region Together

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Invest Appalachia sees this vision becoming reality every day. As part of this regional movement, we invest and collaborate to build resilient, equitable communities centered on the unique cultural, environmental, and human assets of Central Appalachia. Our strategy? Channel investment that helps accelerate key sectors, boost racial and socioeconomic equity, prepare communities for climate change, and promote lasting, inclusive prosperity.

2023 was our first full year in action, and we’re seeing our values and vision reflected in reality. We continue to see – and show – that Central Appalachia is investable, that rural communities do have capacity, and that equity and resilience can and should be the cornerstones of a regional economy. Change is gradual and this is long-term work, but we are already seeing impacts.

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$2.3M in Catalytic Capital committed across 30 projects, leveraging $9.1M

$4.8M invested through the IA Fund, leveraging $24.1M

50,000+ people impacted across 115 counties

$35.5M in new capital, 80% from investors outside the region


Our Model

Six years of collaboration led us to develop an impact-first investment model tailored to the needs of Central Appalachia. We leverage blended capital to unlock markets previously considered uninvestable, build partnerships with a diverse range of investors, and build a system-wide approach to impactful investing. Our approach is flexible and collaborative, meeting communities where they are and breaking down systemic barriers. The result? Equitable outcomes that extend far beyond individual financial transactions. 

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We focus on underserved communities - places where capital does not flow easily.

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Many of our supported projects are just breaking ground, but we’re already seeing the impact. Over the next three years, these projects and others will produce results that demonstrate the power of our model. Our focus remains on supporting underserved communities, building a sustainable and inclusive future for Central Appalachia.

Join Us.

Explore our full 2023 Impact Report and celebrate these achievements with us. Partner with Invest Appalachia to drive lasting and inclusive economic opportunities for Central Appalachia.

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Thank you for your part in this work.

Many people and organizations have invested time and effort to make the work of Invest Appalachia possible. We appreciate your support and ongoing partnership yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

A special thank you to our…

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