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The members of the Invest Appalachia Fund's Investment Committee (IC) have nearly 60 years of combined investing experience, giving them the skills necessary to interpret the fund's policies, evaluate risk, and understand the context of individual investments. They have a diverse mix of perspectives, balancing board and non-board members, regional and national footprints, and traditional and emerging finance models. They also have extensive experience across all of Invest Appalachia's priority investment areas, including focus on sectors such as small business, affordable housing, and public policy.
Paul Wright, Investment Committee Member

Paul Wright


Principal & Business Coach, Wright Venture Services


Stephanie Randolph, board member; Investment Committee Member

Stephanie Randolph


Deputy Director, Cassiopeia Foundation


Karen Jacobson, Investment Committee Member

Karen Jacobson


Loan Fund Manager, Woodlands Community Lenders


Eric Horvath, Investment Committee Member

Eric Horvath


Vice President, Community-engaged Investing - Family Office


Andrew Crosson, Invest Appalachia CEO; Investment Committee Member

Andrew Crosson


CEO, Invest Appalachia


Donna Gambrell, Investment Committee Member

Donna Gambrell


President and CEO, Appalachian Community Capital


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