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Invest Appalachia and LOCUS Capital Team Up for Appalachia

Invest Appalachia (IA), an emerging impact investment fund serving Central Appalachia, is thrilled to announce LOCUS Capital (LOCUS) will serve as its Investment Manager.  This partnership leverages the unique skill sets of these two organizations to change the relationship between communities and capital, taking the best of impact investing and making it work for Appalachia.  Invest Appalachia’s purpose is both time-sensitive and long-term, as we work towards a bright future for Central Appalachia that is rooted in economic diversification, inclusive market growth, sustainability, and equity.

LOCUS was unanimously approved by the board of directors for the role of Investment Manager after a comprehensive search.  The board and its founding CEO, Andrew Crosson, are confident the LOCUS team’s combination of technical skills, problem-solving approach to investment, and commitment to our shared mission will ensure a successful fund launch and ongoing effectiveness for Invest Appalachia.

As Investment Manager, LOCUS advises Invest Appalachia on the development of its investment fund and provides sourcing, due diligence, portfolio, and administrative support and services.  LOCUS draws on deep regional knowledge, community finance expertise, and relationships within the investment community to ensure that Invest Appalachia’s approach is strategic, efficient, and collaborative.

“The LOCUS team is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of IA, our communities and our investors,” according to Stephanie Randolph, IA board chair.  “They will bring both a traditional financial skill set and an entrepreneurial, solutions-oriented approach to managing this innovative investment model.”

Earl Gohl, IA board member and previous federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission highlighted, “LOCUS has a record of getting things done in Appalachia and they are recognized as a national leader in the community development finance community. The team has a deep understanding of the potential impact of this fund and the role Invest Appalachia can play in bringing and effectively deploying catalytic capital across the region.”

“LOCUS is thrilled to partner with Invest Appalachia,” said LOCUS President Sarah Stremlau.  “LOCUS strives to activate investments for community impact and use capital as a tool to drive more inclusive and equitable prosperity.  The founders of Invest Appalachia envisioned a catalytic financing vehicle to serve just that purpose, so we are truly excited to help bring their vision to life alongside both new and long-standing partners in a region so close to our heart.” The LOCUS team is anchored by Jay Beekman, Deb Markley, Sydney England, and Adam Northup.

“Barely two months into working with LOCUS, I’ve already seen the power this partnership will have for Invest Appalachia and stakeholders across the region,” shared CEO Andrew Crosson. “The LOCUS team brings a thoughtful, collaborative, and values-based approach to the work, which reinforces Invest Appalachia’s founding ‘DNA’.  They are dedicated to the cause, and their skill set and experience is an excellent complement to my own. The partnership with LOCUS as Investment Manager gives me confidence in our ability to deliver on Invest Appalachia’s promise to the region.” 

Invest Appalachia is a collaborative community investment platform designed by and for the people of Central Appalachia. IA is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization overseen by a board of directors, which will also serve as the managing partner of our affiliated LLC investment Fund, for which LOCUS Capital serves as Investment Manager.

LOCUS Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor affiliate of LOCUS Impact Investing, a 501(c)3 consulting firm that partners with philanthropy and other mission-driven institutions to use their capital as a tool to drive equitable prosperity, redefine their role as capital providers, and activate investments and endowments for community impact.  The LOCUS team works to educate partners’ stakeholders and develop new strategies, identify and assess investments through advisory services, and service and manage investment funds and portfolios.  Learn more at

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